Conditions: 70 & dark
QIC: Baywatch (YHC)
Pax: Ryder, Iverson, Munchkin & SummitWarm up: Jog to Playground, including some lunges, high knees and butt kickersThe Thang: 10 to 1 (Start with 10 reps of each exercise for round 1 and reduce number of reps by 1 each subsequent round)
-Plank Jacks (4 count, in cadence)Last round – max out reps or do 10.Max Effort High Hold Position Pull-up HangJog back to parking lot.15 Jump SquatsCOT: Reminders – Plainwell AO got off to a good start last night.  New start time will be 1900 (7PM) and it will be located at Plaiwell High School football field thanks to PeeWee for setting that up.  Reminder of Lexicon term from last night “ALR – Ask, Listen Remember” because sometimes it takes 2 times for something to stick 


Prayers of praise for good health and God’s blessings throughout our week.

Until next item ITG (In the Gloom)


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